PhotoOp 2.9

DON'T BE FOOLED!!!!! Once you register the software you THINK you have purchased in good faith, you are sent this "upgrade" notification:
Should you wish to create PhotoOp screen savers for distribution to others, an upgrade from the Personal to the Professional Edition is available for $59.95

Mr. Menish is clearly using the "Bait and Switch" tactic to sell his software with obviously no regard for his customers. Below is the page with a "Description FROM THE DEVELOPER"
PhotoOp description
Nowhere in his description of the product does he mention the higher prices of $79.95 for the "Professional" or $199.95 for the "Enterprise" editions. Nowhere in the software itself does he tell you the difference.

After receiving my registration code, which allows for use only on my computer, NOT distribution, as he claims, I contacted the author, Mr. Jeffrey Menish stating that I thought his description of the product was misleading and asked him what we could do to resolve the situation. (I did not ask for a refund). His reply is listed below:

             Fri, 22 Dec 2000 14:46:34 -0800
             "Jeffrey Menish" <>
             Jeffrey Menish
            References:   1
Once the registration has been sent I don't make refunds due to imagined features or hoped for capability.  In the future I suggest you fully read the product description before buying.

I think perhaps it is Mr. Menish who "imagines" people will just sit back and say "Oh, well, I got screwed".

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